Testimony and Comments

Testimony delivered at public hearings and written comments sent to the Commission.

Listed documents are in the PDF format.

First Public Hearing

October 21, 2016

Request For Comments

The Commission collected feedback from a broad range of stakeholders on questions that will contribute to the Commission's future activities and fulfillment of its duties, potentially including any findings and recommendations. The comment period is now closed, and you can view the information that we received at the link below.

Comments and Input

Appendix: Additional information from the Arnold Foundation about the Proposed Social Spending Innovation Research (SSIR) Initiative.

William T. Grant Foundation and Forum for Youth Investment

Letter to the Commission recommends collecting and sharing data in ways to facilitate use, adopting a broad view of the types of studies that can be produced with administrative data, establishing partnerships between researchers and Federal agencies, and identifying ways to strengthen infrastructure.

National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives

Letter recommending an automated clearinghouse.

American Evaluation Association

Letter recommending an evaluation framework and creating evaluation offices in agencies separate from program offices.

Invest in What Works Coalition

Policy recommendations for the Commission from the Invest In What Works Coalition.

Additional Supporting Documents:

CEP Survey Analysis File
This Excel spreadsheet contains the final, edited analysis file used to produce the survey estimates in the Commission’s report and in Appendix H.

Employer Data Matching Workgroup
Information provided to the Commission about matching and reusing data on employers across federal government agencies.
Datasets used by the Employer Data Matching Workgroup.

Congressional Research Service

Memo by the Congressional Research Service on statutory authorities governing statistical and evaluation entities in the executive branch.
Memo by the Congressional Research Service on past studies that focused on federal statistics and the federal statistical system.